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Universe 16 Vegito vs Earth Prime Superman

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Universe 16 Vegito vs Earth Prime Superman

Post by The_Son_of_Man on Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:47 pm

Combatants: Vegito (Dragon Ball Multiverse, universe 16), Kal-El (Earth Prime)
Setup: In an attempt to destroy Vegito, a mysterious villain released Superboy Prime from the Source Wall and sent him to universe 16. The Kryptonian soon crossed paths with Vegito and the two became rivals almost at first sight. They soon decided to fight and decide once and for all who was worthy of the title "Universe's Greatest Protector".
Conditions: Win by kill or knockout, combatants hate each other
Battlefield: An uninhabited, Earth-sized planet orbiting a yellow sun in the outermost reaches of space.


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