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Team Immortal vs Monster Trio

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Team Immortal vs Monster Trio

Post by Falbium_Asmodeus on Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:45 am


   Fighters start at 100 meters from each other
   In Character but serious
   Victory by Incapacitation
   No Prep
   The Monster Trio do not know they are immortal
   Team Immortal has perfect teamwork
   No Possession for Santa

Team Immortal Members

   Touta Konoe(UQ Holder)
   Santa Sasaki(UQ Holder)

Team Immortal gets these members if absolutely necessary

   Kuroumaru Tokisaka(UQ Holder)
   Karin Yuuki(UQ Holder)

Monster Trio Members

   Monkey D. Luffy(One Piece)
   Roronoa Zoro(One Piece)
   Sanji(One Piece)


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